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How to get your bookkeeping in order, avoid costly mistakes, and finally understand your numbers so you can make buckets more profit TODAY

Who this is for:

This free masterclass is for owners of construction companies ONLY.

We are experts for the construction industry, and because of this we work exclusivly with construction company owners. This includes: general contractors, electricians, roofers, plumbers, framers, concreters, etc.

What you will discover:

What you must do NOW to survive the 3 killers of construction companies

There are many potential pitfalls in business ownership, but there are 3 major killers that you MUST avoid at all costs. We'll dig into what the 3 killers of construction companies are so you are aware of what you are up against and how to fight them, and they are formidable foes, so don't miss out!

How to use our Foil Failure Masterplan to see improvements in your business TODAY

Take complete and total charge of your business with our Foil Failure Masterplan - A step-by-step plan to not only combat the 3 killers of construction companies, but improve your business so you are not just surviving, but thriving.

Exactly how you can leverage the 21st Century Bookkeeping Model

Bookkeeping is the key tool in your belt for evaluating and improving all things in your business, including: project bids, profit margin, and ultimately making (a lot) more money.

Why you are so frustrated with your bookkeeping current system

Bookkeeping is the language of business, but not everyone is fluent in "Accounting Speak". Here you'll learn how to overcome this language barrier without having to spend YEARS learning the language.

Meet your guide

I'm Gillian Schwab and I'm the founder of Prentice-Schwab Bookkeeping & Accounting. I have worked with construction company owners just like you for the last 7 years in many capacities, from Staff Accountant to Controller in addition to working as an outside consultant. I was trained in construction accounting by one of the best mid-sized general contractors in the Seattle Area, and there is little in construction accounting that I haven't seen, or can't figure out.